In case you are not familiar with the Nigerian Prince scam, it goes something like this:

An unsuspecting person receives a letter in the mail or an email. It will say something to the effect of:

“I am a civil servant (or some other important sounding figure) in Nigeria, and we are trying to import goods into the country, but the funds are trapped here in Nigeria. We need an overseas partner to help withdraw the funds ($15,000,000) and we will share 20% with you. You only need to pay a small $1,000 transaction fee to receive your payment of $3,000,000.”

Once they get someone to bite, an unforseen ‘problem’ arises with the transaction. Then they ask for more money in order to complete the transaction. They’ll even sweeten the pot (we’re sorry for the delay, you will now get 25%). The scam artists just keep thinking of new problems until the vic wises to the scheme.

Top victims of this scam are elderly people with money. That makes this man a prime target:

George Soros victim of Nigerian Prince scam?

George Soros is 80 years old, and he has a boat load of money. And I believe he’s getting scammed.

There’s a whole cottage industry of progressive organizations lining up to scam cash from Soros. Groups that have duped him include but are not limited to: The Center for Community Change, The Ruckus Society, Color of Change, Democracy for America, Democracy Alliance, Green for All, People for the American Way, The Ella Baker Center, Project Vote, Free Press, Alliance for Justice, Sojourners, Human Rights Watch, Global Exchange, Tides, Center for American Progress, EarthJustice, Friends of the Earth, Media Matters for America, Alternet,, America Votes, Media Fund, Bill of Rights Defense Committee (lol), Institute for America’s Future and many, many more. There aren’t enough trees on planet Earth to make enough paper to list all of them.

Why do they need so many different groups to do essentially the same thing? Simple: they’ve figured out George Soros is a sucker for stupid progressive groups. They view him as their personal ATM machine.

Take Media Matters, for example. Soros recently gave them $1 million dollars to assist in their quest to ‘Stop Fox’ and shut down the network (there’s a realistic goal). They have 86 employees eating popcorn all day and watching Fox News – that should be plenty enough bodies to account for the 5 or 6 crappy posts they put up each day. Posts that amount to little more than ‘Glenn Beck sucks!’ or ‘I disagree with conservatives’. But their CEO just complained publicly that 86 people is not enough hands on deck. Really? Each employee would only have to watch 45 seconds of TV per hour. And you need more?

No, they don’t. They’re just making another trip to the ATM.

Somebody should probably tell George he’s being scammed. Orrrrrrrr, maybe ‘somebody’ should start a new website: Progressives Progressively Progressing towards a Progressive Society.

‘Dear Mr. Soros – we need your help… ‘