Thanks to a recent media barrage and some colorful sound bites, the thought of a Donald Trump presidential campaign has everyone talking. Will he or won’t he? Is he really a birther? Is he serious? Could he win?

We all have our own opinions on the answers to those questions – and I’ve been fairly open about mine in talking with former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer, Trump friend and professional “lord of mischief” Roger Stone, and a variety of Republican strategists over the past month or so. Whether he is running, and whether he can win, depends on whom you ask.

But a few things, I do know for certain. So, let’s conduct an experiment. Print this out or bookmark this page, and we’ll revisit it in six months. If Donald Trump does indeed run for president, I can, with almost surgical precision, predict the conversations we’ll all be having.

Forget birtherism. By the time Trump runs, his flirtation with, or in this case, his outright molestation of, the birther meme, will be old news. There are other story lines certain to emerge.

How can I be so bold as to gaze six months into the future when so much is still uncertain about the coming political climate? Well, that’s simple. Presidential politics is a lot like vomit….regurgitated narratives that keep coming up over and over again. So let’s stick our fingers down our proverbial throats and see what comes up.

Prediction #1: It’s all about money, honey.
Roger Stone, close friend of Trump, told the SE Cupp Show that if he runs, he’ll be able to forego public funding and outspend nearly all of his political rivals. While true, I’m not sure that will be as big a boon to Trump 2012 as Stone predicts. Thus, I guarantee that one of the talking points Republican contenders in the primary will use is that Trump is trying to buy the White House. Look for the following sound bites to come up on the Sunday shows:

“Just because Trump has an ego the size of New York City and a net worth that rivals the GDP of Brazil, doesn’t make him qualified to run for president.”

“We don’t need another millionaire telling us how to spend our money.”

“Owning golf courses and casinos doesn’t mean you should be leading the country.”