Liberal blogger Alyssa Rosenburg seems to think she’s found the smoking gun that proves potential GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is a racist — which, in many liberals’ minds, would also explain all this talk about birth certificates since we’re told that too is a sign of racism.

Over at Think Progress, she writes:

I’m doing some digging into Republican candidates’ positions on and involvement in the arts, so on a whim, I Nexised “Donald Trump donated.” Turns out the Donald ponied up $25,000 for the post-Katrina restoration of Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’s retirement estate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Given Haley Barbour’s decision not to run, and how some of theless-charming things he’s said about race played into his viability as a candidate, I can’t imagine this particular donation is going to play into Trump’s already-bizarre candidacy.

There you have it.  Trump donated money to help restore the house of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  This MUST mean he “loves Jefferson Davis” —> supports slavery —> hates black people —> is a racist.

This has been another presentation of “Into the Mind of a Liberal.”  Thanks for playing!