After reading about the Soros-funded “Occupied Wall Street Journal” being distributed at the protest in lower Manhattan, I was determined to get a copy, so off to Zucotti Park I go…  Yesterday morning at 8:30, despite the fact that Yoga was scheduled for 7:30am, most of the people in the park were still sleeping.

Fortunately, the organizational table was open and staffed. They were handing out copies of the fancy, free and full-color “Occupied Wall Street Journal.” I asked for and received two copies. (I told the man that it was “for my boss” but I had every intention of cashing in on the freak show that is OWS. This newspaper was destined for Ebay!

A quick search of auctions for “Occupied Wall Street Journal” supports my thinking.

Occupied Wall Street Journal selling on Ebay

This is one of just THREE copies of the limited edition newspaper available on Ebay.

I’m thinking that a short stop each day will provide at least one copy and could yield at least $50 in profit. (remember – they’re FREE)

Capitalism… a great thing.