Chris Wallace calls Perry, Romney ‘weak front-runners’

Nothing says “Playboy” like Chris Wallace.

The nudy mag has an in-depth interview this month with the Fox News host this month and he admits he doesn’t think much of Rick Perry or Mitt Romney in terms of the election.

PLAYBOY: If that’s how you see it, what will it take for the Republicans to win in November?

WALLACE: [T]he Republicans need to nominate somebody who is credible, especially to independents. Voters need to look at this guy or this woman and say, “This person can be president.” Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are weak front-runners, in my opinion. Romney’s stronger, but every time somebody else comes on the horizon, whether it’s Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann or Perry, they blow by him until people find problems with the opponent. If a credible Republican candidate doesn’t emerge, Obama can still win, even if people don’t have much confidence in him.