Jon Stewart claims conservatives (& Fox News) are over exaggerating America’s voter fraud problemComedy Central’s Jon Stewart doesn’t believe that America has a problem with voter fraud. In fact, on “The Daily Show” last night, he likened the issue as falling somewhere between the seriousness of ringworm and…Bieberfever.

“I’m gonna say it’s bigger than ringworm and less than Bieber fever,” Stewart said on Wednesday’s program. “Actually I didn’t know we had a voter fraud problem in this country.”

Stewart took particular aim at Fox News, a network that has, unlike many others, explored and analyzed the issue. The comedian likened Fox’s coverage and new legal regulations as a partisan attempt to control voting patterns.

“Conservatives and their media division are up in arms over voter fraud and this year — almost entirely in swing states with Republican controlled legislatures — they are doing something about it,” he added. ”States are spending millions of dollars to combat voter fraud through strategies like purging voter rolls and requiring photo IDs.”

Watch this commentary, below:

Stewart dismissed the issue on the basis that The Republican National Lawyers Association purportedly only found 340 cases of voter fraud over a 10-year period (however, a running tally of news on the group’s web site shows that the issue remains an important one in domestic headlines).

The notion that voter-fraud purportedly isn’t happening continues to be driven home my liberals on a regular basis. NAACP head Ben Jealous has even compared these regulations to civil rights struggles that existed in the 1960s.

Even Attorney General Eric Holder has maintained that there is no proof that voting violations are occurring (he’s even defended the Department of Justice’s willingness to sue states over these laws). During the primaries, he spoke out about photo ID laws:

Clearly, one side sees the opportunity as a restriction of poor and minority rights, the other sees regulations as a protective measure to secure democracy. Where do you stand? Let us know in the comments section, below.

(H/T: TPM Muckraker)