Caption that photo, Barack Obama, Joe Biden

The winner (joint effort):

“Do Michelle and Jill know?”– LCALLDAY
“Who do you think introduced us?”– SCOTTG-CO


Barack: “Ready for some more evolving tonight Joe?”
Joe: “Only if I get to lead from behind this time.”– KEWC

“You’re not going anywhere Joe. If I have to listen to her so do you.”– FORMYKIDSVA

“Come on. I’ll show you how to make a REAL Long Island Iced Tea.”– FEMALL

“Let go! I have to go to the bathroom!”– LCALLDAY

“I’ll be up in a few, get the ‘drone’ ready.”– TROUTSLAYERMT

“I can’t quit you!”– WELLHANGINGCHAD

George Washington conviently looking the other way…– BUCHANAN16

“Here we go round the mulberry.
So early in the morning.”– J.C. MCGLYNN

Jay Carney: “They are not holding hands, it’s very plain to anybody that in fact they are not even touching.”– SOOTHSAYER

Biden: “I go pee-pee standing up”– THEGOOCH

Lincoln bust: “I said EMANCIPATION not EMASCULATION you moron!”– CANE4U

“Call me maybe”– ANOPINION