On Fox News today, Lou Dobbs offered some heavy on-air praise for Fox Anchor Megyn Kelly regarding her fast action on election night.

Immediately after Fox News called Ohio a win for President Obama last night, Republican Strategist Karl Rove, who was sitting in as an analyst for the network, objected. He said it was “premarture” for Fox News to call the state when other counties — who he said were full of Republican voters — had not been tallied.

Kelly was co-anchoring the evening’s coverage live and at that, she got out of her chair and walked over to Fox’s stats room to confirm with in-house number crunchers that the math would not add up for Mitt Romney. Twitter lit up with jouranlists encouraging others to watch what was happening.

“I want to compliment you,” Dobbs said to Kelly. “Take all the time you need,” Kelly joked.

“Last night, that moment with you walking down, to go down to the Decision Room,” Dobbs continued, “with Karl Rove objecting to the call at that particular moment and articulating his reasons– your move to a resolution was wonderful, wonderful television. It was wonderful, wonderful journalism. It was a spectacular moment.”

Kelly thanked Dobbs and said at Fox News they “like transparency and we want to show people how the sausage is made.”