I received this email in my inbox today from a reader in France and thought it’d be good to share with y’all. Conservatives may have lost the battle this week, but the war goes on — and we’re not alone:

Good evening, (sorry for my english)

I hope that is the right place to thank The Blaze.

I listen The Blaze almost everyday since 3 months and I want to thank you for your great job. You are great, all of you: Glenn Beck, Jay Severin, Pat and Stu, everyone. But I don’t only send this mail to thank you.

I’m not an american, I’m french who live in France, and I want to tell you that I’m so sorry for your country. The last thing I want for your country is that it became as mine.

The last time I went to America I was 12 and George H. Bush was President, good old time huh ? I really love America, not because of music or football, or Hollywood. I love your country for really good reasons. I love America because of your Constitution, because this is a country who said that rights comes from God, not from gouvernement. I love your history too: the Americain Revolution, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, General Custer. And now I’m stunned, I follow the elections all night long and it was a nightmare, a Nightmare.

I’m realy worried for you, I know what socialism is, I live in a country who would vote for Obama at 90, 95%. That broke my heart and my mom’s heart. I’ll pray for the american people because that will be tough for you.

So keep your faith, keep your courage.

With love,