President Obama is charging up the left-wing base of his party to oppose the GOP on a fiscal deal and liberal activists are storming Capitol Hill today to deliver the message — as only the liberal left can: loud, naked and profane.

Is it really a coincidence that at the exact time nude protesters shed their clothing (and dignity) in Boehner’s Longworth House Office Building office, a dozen or more reporters just happened to be on the scene?  Mind you, this is Speaker Boehner’s regular House office, not the Speaker’s office where you could normally find him.  So it’s not as if these reporters were there to hear from the leading House Republican.  No, no — it’s pretty clear they were notified of the protest in advance and were eager to capture the stunt on film.  (There’s video, and it’s gross.)

I feel bad for the poor staffers and interns in Boehner’s office.  Their mediocre salaries will never be enough to cover the hours of therapy required to erase this from their memories.

Note to liberals: I don’t think “The Naked Communist” was ever meant to be taken literally.