The Blaze Magazine–December 2012: Contents

The Blaze Magazine, December 2012: ContentsSECURITY OR TYRANNY?
*Are we now a people with government-granted rather than God-given rights?

*The Right Frequency: Exclusive excerpts from a new book on how conservative radio has protected America
*What do you know about the real St. Nick?
*Once again, Jon Lovitz is ticking off the Left
*Left-wing professor declares Stalin innocent
*The White House calls this a recovery
*Progressives claim there is no “fiscal cliff”
*”‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” gets a new military twist
*Get to know conservative comedian Jeff Allen
*The wind-energy rip-off
*The battlefield of the War on Christmas


  • Tyranny of Security
    In a country where many don’t recognize that our rights come from God and not government, it’s not surprising to see those rights given up willingly under the guise of “national security.”


  • Power of Talk
    Conservative talk radio has been trashed and slandered by the Left for decades. Why? Because influential right-wing talkers have stood in the way of liberal progressive policies, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media who want a leftist America that betrays its founding.
  • The Real St. Nick
    Everybody loves Santa Claus. But do you know the real-life story of the man who came to represent giving and kindness?


  • Keeping an Eye on ‘Those Guys’: Melissa Harris Perry, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Richard Trumka and more


  • UPS Stops Donations to Boy Scouts After Pressure From Gay Groups
  • Union-forced End of Hostess Sends Twinkie World Into Frenzy
  • Even Obama Says Hurricane Sandy Can’t Be Blamed on Climate Change
  • Leftist Prof Claims: Stalin Was Innocent
  • You’re Going to Major in What?
  • L.A. City Council Endorses ‘Meatless Mondays’
  • More Federal Involvement in Kids’ Menus
  • Gov’t Wish List: More Control Over Car Technology
  • New Book Gives Military Twist to Christmas Classic
  • Patient in Vegetative State Tells Researchers He’s Not in Pain


  • 007 Bonds With the Troops
  • Hollywood’s Newest Gas Problem
  • Climate Deniers Driven by Ideology. But Global Warming Fear Mongers Aren’t?
  • More Anti-Rich Poison From a Rich, Liberal Genius
  • Elmo Voice Quits ‘Sesame Street’ Amid Child Molestation Accusations
  • Shock Report: Hollywood Gave Big Money to Obama
  • Libs: Fox News Makes You Dumber
  • Lovitz Again Ticking off the Left
  • Jada Taps White House Buddies for Great Cause
  • If You Thought She Was Annoying on Screen…


  • Jeff Allen: Happy Wife, Happy Life, Happy Audiences


  • Recovery? Really?
  • Americans’ Priorities for Obama Round 2
  • Wind Energy: On and Off Again


  • Top 5 War on Christmas Battles for 2012

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