Actress Lindsay Lohan has slithered back into the headlines, in part for poor reviews of her Lifetime movie Liz and Dick but also because she allegedly punched a woman in the face on Thursday.

Of course, this is the latest in a long history of Lohan’s trouble with the law.

Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox News recommends some severe treatment for the star on

[W]hen a person, famous or not, demonstrates an inability or unwillingness to take control of his or her life in a way that would give a reasonable individual assurance that no terrible harm will come to her (or someone else), and when a law is also broken, it is time for the court to trigger an aggressive psychiatric protocol.

By an “aggressive psychiatric protocol” I mean invoking not just a stay in jail for weeks or a few months, but a very lengthy period of probation—perhaps a decade—during which the person is compelled by law (in order to remain free) to submit to random drug screens, to wear an ankle bracelet that can sense and transmit blood alcohol levels to the police (devices that do exist), to surrender her license, to agree to twice-weekly psychotherapy and any psychiatric medication agreed upon by two independent psychiatrists and to be placed on monthly injections of Vivitrol (a medicine that decreases the likelihood of alcohol and opiate intoxication and cravings).  Any deviation from the “aggressive psychiatric protocol” would lead to probation being revoked, and the remainder of the term being served in jail.