Caption that photo!: The winner

The winner:

“I can bring back Grimace.”– IMPENITENT

Runners up:

“Uh, no, it is true the President wants me to bring lunch…”– UNALIEN

“I would like one Big Mac and a job application, to go.”– LEADNOTFOLLOW

“I was just seeing if you guys are hiring?”– KICKINBACK

“Let’s see…a Big Mac meal with a large coke for me, a McRib meal and large coke for Michelle and an order of henpecked nuggets and a small water for Barack.”– FORMYKIDSVA

“Could you direct me to the Oval Office, please?”– GRAYLING646

“Hi, I was here a few minutes ago and only got 47 perecent of my burger.”– ABYRD

“Obama may have a White House, but I’ve got a White Castle.”– ANOPINION

“Can you break a $100?”– SNORKIE