A new Public Policy Polling survey shows that independents and Democrats want Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert appointed to represent South Carolina in the Senate when Sen. Jim DeMint (R) leaves next month:

[S.C. Gov. Nikki] Haley has pretty solid numbers within her own party. 70% of Republicans approve of the job she’s doing to 22% who disapprove. But with Democrats (15/78 approval) and independents (28/57) her numbers are pretty woeful.

There is a path back to popularity for Haley though: appointing Stephen Colbert to replace Jim DeMint in the Senate. …

It’s Democrats and independents- those voters Haley most needs to improve her standing with- who are pining for a Colbert appointment. Among Democrats 32% say they’d like Colbert to be picked with Jenny Sanford at 19% and no one else in double digits. With crucial independent voters Colbert has a 15 point lead for the appointment, getting 28% to 13% for Tim Scott, 12% for Jenny Sanford, and 10% for Trey Gowdy with no one else in double digits.

Haley effectively shut down any hope Colbert might have to be appointed. On Facebook last week she wrote that his “big mistake” was not knowing the official South Carolina state drink (it’s milk).