Proof that going over the “fiscal cliff” will hurt the least among us, via the New York Post (emphasis mine):

With the approaching fiscal cliff less than 100 hours away, things are getting awfully personal on Capitol Hill.

Which means that the chances of reaching a deal to avoid expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts are approaching slim to none.

And if they’re allowed to expire, it would trigger the largest tax hike in US history — meaning lots of pain and suffering, especially in already tax-weary New York.

“My savings, my investments, my retirement contribution will be hit very hard,” 26-year-old Mary Kaltenberg told The Post.

My [tax] increase, almost $4,000, is what I pay on FreshDirect for the year,” said 67-year-old John Gebhard. “I just buy the basics. It’s my food for the year.”

FreshDirect is an online store that delivers groceries straight to customers’ doors.