New Year resolutions from usA look at the New Year Resolutions from some of us at TheBlaze:

“Personally: Actually complete a book in 2013. Lose 30 lbs. Professionally: See Congress actually accomplish something/both parties work together for the good of the people.”– Faith Editor Billy Hallowell. We wish him well in reaching his goal weight.

“Do a marathon where you run 26.2 miles. Hoping to do Chicago Oct. 2013 because it’s a flat course. Why? Because I’ve run a couple half marathons and always said the people who do full marathons are crazy. I mean, people die when they do marathons sometimes. I decided to join the ranks of the crazies when I wasn’t challenging myself enough anymore in running. There’s something about running the half marathons that makes you start to think, I can probably do the full if I train. So, I’ve decided to do it. I draw the line at triathlons though — that will never happen for me.”– Tech Editor Liz Klimas. Godspeed on your marathon. Don’t die.

“Um. Work harder and run more. Haven’t really thought about it. I don’t like resolutions.”– Finance Editor Becket Adams, who we hope in 2013 resolves to become more willing to commit to resolutions.

“Say yes more often.”– Me.

Happy New Year to all of our readers! Thanks for sticking with us through a fantastic year. We hope you’ll come back for 2013.