TheBlaze Magazine–January/February 2013: Contents

TheBlaze Magazine, January/February 2013: ContentsI WANT YOU TO EAT AS I SAY!

*Government nannies are telling us what we can and can’t eat

*Exclusive Interview: Best-selling author Brad Meltzer discusses his newest thriller and its connection to history
*How To Treat a Hero: One Michigan city serves as an example for America
*’Sesame Street’ star goes on anti-Israel rant
*CIA finally shutters the Center on Climate Change
*Why our neighbors to the north are more free than we are
*Harry Reid’s man crush
*Oscar’s anti-conservative bias confirmed
*Sean still hearts Hugo
*Where to cut spending at the Pentagon


  • Gov’t Mommies to Citizen Children: ‘Don’t Eat That!’
    Busybodies in government are pretty sure they know exactly what Americans–young and old–should and shouldn’t eat. And they’re ready to make sure that everyone follows their rules.


  • Secret Access to History
    Best-selling author—and good friend of TheBlaze—Brad Meltzer is coming out with a new thriller this month, “The Fifth Assassin.” The book, which is about a serial killer who’s imitating the four men who assassinated U.S. presidents, contains fascinating “inside history” nuggets sure to entertain readers. Brad graciously offered to be part of an exclusive Q&A for TheBlaze readers.
  • Committed to a Hero
    Too many of our military veterans come home from war without hope, but the story of Keaton Nielsen is different. After this Michigan police officer lost use of his hand while serving as an Army reservist in Afghanistan, his hometown showed America how to take care of those men and women defending our freedoms.


  • Keeping an Eye on ‘Those Guys’: Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz, Soledad O’Brien, Michael Bloomberg, Geradlo Rivera, Barney Frank and more


  • Catholic Universities Gave Overwhelmingly to Obama
  • Canada More Free Than the United States
  • Fewer Babies, More Problems
  • U.S. Won’t Commit to New U.N. Climate Change Goals
  • Greek Row Now the Place for Conservatives?
  • CIA Closes ‘Unnecessary, Wasteful’ Climate Change Center
  • ‘Obamadon’: Lizard Species Named After Prez
  • Some Might Call This a Man Crush
  • Golden in the Golden State
  • Nothing Like a Sex Fair During the Holidays at a Tax-funded University
  • Verizon Wants to Know What You’re up To


  • New ‘Anti-Bullying’ Message From ‘Maria’
  • Shut up and Follow Barack!
  • Spicoli’s Sweet Words for Venezuelan Strongman
  • Apple Cuts Unfriendly Question From Anti-Fracking Interview
  • ‘2016’ Snubbed
  • A Rocker Takes a Stand
  • This Could Make Romantic Scenes Awkward
  • Not Funny: Sen. Colbert
  • Movie Violence Does-Doesn’t-Does-Doesn’t Inspire Real-life Violence


  • Scott Baker: Blaze On


  • Spending Is the Problem
  • Americans Say Cut Gov’t Spending
  • Did You Know? Obama Already Raised Taxes on the ‘Rich’
  • Majority Say Not Fed’s Job to Guarantee Health Coverage


  • Top 5 Non-Defense Defense Spending Areas To Cut

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