The subjects really are paying for a fancy throne — all for the pleasure & comfort of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

Channel 2′s Scott MacFarlane secured images inside the office at the Washington headquarters of the U.S. Interior Department.

The renovation was done on the interior secretary’s private office bathroom. The bathroom is approximately 100 square feet and cost about $222,000 to renovate, making it more expensive that many homes.

Here’s a peak at the pampered powder room, which gives the term “government waste” a whole new meaning…

Custom cabinetry to the tune of  $26,122 and a $700 faucet:

Taxpayers pay $222,000 for renovation of a bureaucrats bathroom

And what office bathroom would be complete without a $3,500 Sub-Zero refrigerator?

Taxpayers pay $222,000 for renovation of a bureaucrats bathroom

Secretary Salazar has also enjoyed a custom shower and a $65 “vintage” toilet paper holder.

And should the Secretary need a reference guide for how to use his swanky new facilities and the tax dollars that line its shelves, there’s always this.