In two separate editorials today the New York Times calls for the Obama administration and Congress to do something about increasing the federal minimum wage. “Part of an effective agenda [for Obama's second term] would surely include a higher minimum wage, which is overdue,” one says. The other: “Will Congress finally raise the federal minimum wage this year? It would be the least that lawmakers could do.”

Since 2009, NYT has called for a higher minimum wage at least seven times…

In April 2012 on the $7.25 minimum wage: “It’s time to do something about that.”

In February 2012 on how expensive New York living is: “It is time for New York to raise its minimum wage enough to help more than 600,000 struggling workers.”

One month earlier: “At a time of increasing inequality, America’s low-wage workers need a raise.

In March 2011: “There are about 4.4 million workers earning the minimum wage or less … They need a raise.”

And back in July 2009, one day before the federal minimum wage was increased: “The raise is badly needed. It is also wholly inadequate.”