Lisa Jackson stepped down from her position at the Environmental Protection Agency at the start of President Obama’s second term, but her actions while in office are still raising questions today.

As you might recall, Jackson was suspected of trying to skirt federal records laws & information requests when she used the alias “Richard Windsor” in emails. But now, a Washington attorney says Jackson may have been using an additional email account which raises more ethics questions.

More email scandals unfold at Obamas Environmental Protection Agency

“Richard Windsor”

Chris Horner, a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says recently released documents show that, in at least one case, Jackson used an old New Jersey government email account from her time working in the administration of Gov. John Corzine.  Further, there’s a direct link between the two questionable email accounts.  According to Horner, Jackson used her New Jersey government email account to forward her “Richard Windsor” emails to the New York Times in July 2009.

An EPA spokeswoman told Fox News Thursday that Jackson’s government accounts would’ve been closed when she left her position in state government, but Horner points out that the email in question appeared to have been sent months after Jackson left her post at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  In response,  Horner told Fox News that “we’re dealing with someone who has earned no benefits of any doubts.”

Additionally, Jackson’s replacement — acting EPA administrator Bob Perciasepe — is now also coming under fire for using a separate, private email account to conduct official business.  Oh, and newly released documents reveal that Perciasepe was communicating directly with “Richard Windsor.”  In other words, no one at Obama’s EPA has learned a single darn lesson.