As school districts across the country are working overtime to ensure the safety of their students in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last year, one Texas school district is bucking the trend of cutting back on access to guns.  Instead, the Westwood Independent School District’s Board of Trustees has approved its own “Guardian Plan” — a policy to allow board-designated and trained school employees with concealed handgun licenses to carry handguns on school property.

“I know there are some concerns on how we will proceed, but I can assure you it will be from a professional and cautious manner with proper training and proper safety measures that are put in place with the policy,” WISD Superintendent Dr. Ed Lyman said following Monday’s meeting at Westwood Junior High School.

“From this point on, all details regarding the who, when and where will be confidential to prevent any criminals or those with violent tendencies to take advantage of knowing our plan,” he said.

Alongside existing “gun-free zone” signs, new signs will be posted at Westwood’s schools to notify the public that there are concealed weapons on campus.

Westwood ISD isn’t the only Texas school district considering and approving such “Guardian” plans.  A number of other local districts have already approved their own plans and Anderson County’s Cayuga ISD will be holding a public hearing next week to consider a similar policy to protect their students.