It’s fast becoming Chris Christie news week.

Liberal comedian and HBO Real Time show host Bill Maher offered praise for the New Jersey governor on his blog. He wrote Monday:

[D]espite the sizable portion of America who wants to hear “We’re the greatest country in the world! With the greatest people in the world! With the best health care!” I still think that’s the minority. More and more, Americans want authentic. They want to hear at least a little truth. That’s why Chris Christie is so popular, despite being kind of a prick: because people finally sense that he’s a guy who isn’t playing a character. That’s the actual man. And he’s hungry for change. Also baby back ribs.

It was reported yesterday that Christie… hasn’t been invited to speak at CPAC. And we also posted a photo of him sitting next to Michelle Obama, having a toast at the White House Sunday for the National Governors Association Dinner.