Doug Schoen and Patrick Caddell, both former Democratic pollsters and now contributors at Fox News, write in Politico:

As lifelong Democrats, we can remember a time when the Senate had a Sam Nunn and a Daniel Patrick Moynihan on one side, and on the other, a Bob Dole — men who put country first, party second. Today, partisanship and party discipline are practically absolute.

Obama has brought partisanship to a new low by creating a full-time political advocacy organization — Organizing for Action — funded by secret contributions from corporate elites. OFA’s founding is historically unprecedented. No president has ever affiliated himself with a national organization other than reelection campaigns. Obama has taken the Saul Alinsky organizing vision to a national level.

In earlier columns, we’ve described Obama as the most polarizing president in American history, but even we never imagined that he would be this divisive.