With even the most liberal progressives stepping forward yesterday to support Sen. Rand Paul’s stand against presidential authority to order drone strikes on American soil, you would’ve thought more liberals on Capitol Hill would’ve also come forward to voice their own concerns. But, alas, just one single Democrat spoke up.

Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon has long pressed for greater restrictions on the use of drones and has received praise from both sides of the aisle for joining Paul’s filibuster Wednesday. One site, Blue Oregon, labeled Wyden a “badass” and had this to say about the Obama administration’s drone policy:

The fact that the Obama Administration is actually trying to make a legal argument that it’s okay to kill US citizens on US soil without due process, even if it’s meant only for extraordinary circumstances, is appalling. And yes, I voted for Obama. But this is just flat wrong and frankly, antithetical to what it means to be an American as far as I’m concerned.

And it’s our job as Americans to stand up for the right thing, especially if the guy we supported and voted for is doing something wrong. And make no mistake, Obama is absolutely wrong to be doing this.

So well done, Senator Wyden. Today you were a badass.  [Wish] that more of your colleagues follow suit.

Wyden has a history of joining Republicans on some key issues in the past.  In 2005, Wyden joined 5 other Democrats in voting with the Republican bloc to reject enemy combatants’ right to Habeas Corpus.  He also shares views with conservatives on free trade and voted against the 2007 financial bailout backed by the Bush administration.

See video of Wyden’s filibuster remarks after the jump!