News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch said in a recent interview with The Hoover Institute that new CNN head Jeff Zucker has “sharpened” up the news channel since he took over late last year.

Asked why it’s “so difficult for everybody else” to recreate the success Fox News (owned by News Corp.) has seen, Mordoch said…

Well, I don’t think they’re bad. We’re seeing big changes going on at CNN now. They’ve got a new head of it [Zucker]. They’re popularizing it, if you like. Instead of having [CNN founder] Ted Turner saying ‘this is the New York Times of the air’– they’re not, they’re CNN. They’re using helicopters. Running around being much more pop, if you will. I don’t say they’re politically different than what they’ve always been. But just the way they’re presenting. They’ve sharpened up a lot in the last couple of months.

Murdoch also attributed much of Fox News’ success to its CEO Roger Ailes, who he called “a genius.”

Full interview here.