Last fall, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu went before the United Nations and asked the international community to draw a clear “red line” on Iran’s nuclear program — a line symbolizing the point where Iran must be either attacked or realize its nuclear ambitions:

Hot mic: Obama cracks joke about Irans nuclear red line upon arrival in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the United Nations, Sep. 27, 2012 (AP)

For the leader of the country at the top of Iran’s potential targets list, the “red line” doesn’t really seem like something to joke about.  But on Wednesday, President Obama was caught joking about “red lines” with Netanyahuupon his arrival in Jerusalem.


ISRAELI GUIDE: You are following the red line, sir.

OBAMA: Bibi’s always talkin’ about red lines. (laughter)

Har, har.  Hilarious.

The president was apparently in quite the jovial mood yesterday, also joking to Netanyahu that he’s happy his international trip took him out of Washington and “away from Congress.”


Additionally, during the leaders’ afternoon press conference, President Obama cracked jokes with the press corps, specifically ribbing NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd.