On the front side, Billy reported that Jeri Wright, daughter of controversial pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was indicted today on charges of money laundering and fraud.  As the National Review’s Michael Walsh notes, Jeri is in good company among close friends:

So let’s see, Ms. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Rod BlagojevichTony Rezko . . . nope, can’t see a pattern here. Can’t imagine which national figure from Chicago ties them all together. Just can’t figure it out. Better get an investigative reporter on it, maybe, one of these days.

As I’ve shown beyond a reasonable doubt here, the Democrats have always been a criminal organization masquerading as a political party, but not since the heyday of the Tammany Hall/Organized Crime axis in the 1920s and ’30s have they been this blatant about it. The difference now is that they have a complicit media on their side, actively working for them, both to attack the Republicans and — more important — bury the various bodies in the back yard of Page Z-28 when necessary.