Singer Beyoncé released “Bow Down” back in mid-March to some controversy, mostly from critics accusing the song’s lyrics of being the opposite of empowering to women (a misunderstanding on Rush Limbaugh‘s behalf). Also because the chorus is a repeat of the phrase “bow down, bitches.”

Allison Samuels, a writer at The Daily Beast, thinks it’s a song that reflects poorly on Michelle Obama, a friend of Beyonce’s.

“Just the use of the word ‘bitch’ to reference another woman probably sent a shiver down the back of a strong pro-woman woman like Michelle Obama,” Samuels wrote. “But it also raises the question of who exactly Beyoncé wants to bow down to her—women in general or did she have a select few in mind?  Say Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Martha Stewart, or Hillary Clinton.”

It really doesn’t raise that question. At all.