It’s been less than a week since media critic Howard Kurtz was let go from The Daily Beast as its Washington bureau chief after having published an erroneous column about NBA player Jason Collins. But it’s been almost a month since Kurtz has written one of his pieces for, where he’s a regular contributor.

Before the Collins incident, in addition to Kurtz’s job at The Daily Beast, he had his one-hour Sunday show Reliable Sources on CNN to worry about. And in addition to that, he had a freelance gig with the website The Daily Download. And in addition to all that, he still wrote original commentaries for every five days, on average.

Kurtz’s last column, however, was posted April 11. That was well before the Collins episode, in which Kurtz accused Collins, who recently came out as gay, of not disclosing he had been engaged to a woman. Collins had, actually, mentioned the engagement in an article he wrote for Sports Illustrated.

So where’s Kurtz? We’ve requested comment from CNN.

Kurtz has also been absent from Twitter for the last two days and he hasn’t contributed anything to The Daily Download. He will presumably emerge by Sunday to host his show.