Cindy Adams, gossip columnist for the New York Post, wrote in her Tuesday op-ed that she recently had dinner with veteran newswoman Barbara Walters. What’d Walters say while reflecting on her retirement set for next year?

“In the old days, a head of state was a coup,” she mused. “Today it’s ratings. And audiences would rather hear about movie stars. Today murderers have agents plus lawyers who themselves have agents. I don’t want to go after those big gets anymore.”

Walters is tired of the sad state of media affairs, it seems. But before she goes, a quick look at some of her recent headline-making questions:

“Do you want his child?”– Walters to reality TV star Kim Kardashian in regards to her relationship with rapper Kanye West, Sept. 2012.

“You are a little overweight… Why?”– Walters to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), Dec. 2012.

“How do you keep the fire going?”– Walters to President Obama and Michelle, Dec. 2012.