On July 4, Sen. Rand Paul penned an op-ed for the Washington Times linking America’s celebration of independence to the turmoil taking over Egypt these days.  Taking a firm stand against international intervention, Paul scolded the U.S. government for “aiding and abetting” foreign regimes:

Another reason we fought the revolution was to prevent government oppression of protest, with perhaps the Boston Massacre being the most famous example.

In Egypt, protest is met with tear gas, manufactured in America and paid for with American taxes. When Egyptians protest, they protest against their government and also America for subsidizing that government.

Despite the fact that Mohamed Morsi recently convicted 16 Americans of political crimes in a show trial, the Obama administration still sent them over $2 billion this year. [...]

How does it look to the world when we celebrate independence and freedom in our own country while aiding and abetting dictators and despots who deny liberty to their own people?

On Twitter today, the junior senator from Tennessee continued to toe the line:

Rand Paul pans neocon support for Egypt intervention