Via the Washington Times:

At a rally in Portland, Ore., on Sunday, one speaker captured on YouTube said to her fellow white Americans: “Hi, I’m Tammy, and I want to say something to you white people. It is not enough to feel bad. It is not enough to not be a bigot. Because if you’re not actively dismantling white supremacy, and checking your privilege every single day, and thinking about racism the way that our young black men in our community have to think about it, you’re not doing it right, okay?”

She said that whites in America have responsibility to donate to “anti-racism” efforts, Breitbart reported.

“We have to support anti-racist, youth-led movements with money. Because people, politicians, people that are leading the system, they receive millions and millions of dollars from corporations to censor us,” she said, as YouTube reported. “So I want you to go home and give money to the Dream Defenders, to the Urban League, to the Southern Poverty Law Center … because racism is a natural disaster just like hurricanes and bombings and shootings are.”

“Check your privilege” and open your wallets, white people!  If you don’t, you’re clearly a racist, or something.

I also like how these protesters march and chant about wanting”Justice For Trayvon,” but will apparently accept cash or money orders in lieu of such “justice.”

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