Piers Morgan Gets Some Drudge LoveCNN kicked off the week with a bang, landing two primetime exclusives related to the biggest topic in the news media: the George Zimmerman verdict. It seemed to please Matt Drudge, editor of the Drudge Report.

“CNN Jeff Zucker is having one of the best night’s of his career,” Drudge tweeted Monday night, referring to the news channel’s top executive. “Piers Morgan hotter than temps outside; Anderson Cooper lit up wires. Ratings win?”

Morgan landed an interview with the media-shy (yet remarkably colorful) trial witness Rachel Jeantel. It was Jeantel’s first media appearance since the trial. For Cooper’s part, he got a lengthy one-on-one with one of the jurors, none of whom had spoken out since they delivered their Not Guilty verdict on Saturday.

CNN has seen a boost in its ratings as of late due to a spate of big news events, like the Boston Marathon bombings in April, the Jodi Arias trial in May and saturated coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

In the past, Drudge has poked at CNN, and Morgan in particular, noting that a drag queen game show on a cable channel with all-gay programming has bested in Morgan in the ratings.