Butter for Paula is a movement organized by John Schmitt, a hotel auditor in Indianapolis and fan of Food Network star Paula Deen. Using the Twitter hashtag #WeWantButter, the group is urging companies who dismissed Deen after some controversial remarks from her past came to light.

The group is also utilizing a rather interesting direct-mail campaign involving — you guessed it — butter:

Butter for Paula group urges companies to bring back Paula Deen

Deen’s supporters are putting their used butter wrappers in the mail and shipping them off to her former corporate partners.  Their slogan: “A corporation without Paula Deen is like a butter wrapper without butter.”

“She made a mistake 20 years ago,” Schmitt told CNN. “We all make mistakes. I’ve said things I regret.”

Schmitt’s “We support Paula Deen” Facebook page now has more than 602,000 followers. “People on the page are a lot like me,” he says. “They support Paula and who she is as a person.”

“I sent a butter wrapper knowing that the chuck-a-lucks down at the Food Network probably wouldn’t even open it,” wrote one supporter in a Facebook message. “But I felt compelled to do something to show that this kind of railroading, for whatever hidden-agenda-ed reason it happened, is not looked kindly upon by the consuming public.”