Responding to the latest round of exposed lewd behavior from NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi complained that his “reprehensible” conduct was “disrespectful of women.”

Don’t get me wrong, Anthony Weiner is one sick puppy. But I can’t help but ask: How has Weiner “disrespected” women?

As a conservative woman, there are fewer things which annoy me more than modern feminists making us all out to be downtrodden victims of a prejudiced patriarchal society. But in this case, no matter how disturbing I might find his behavior, Weiner was engaged in an explicit relationship with a consenting adult woman. In my opinion, the women on the receiving end of Weiner’s Twitter feed aren’t being disrespected by him — they are disrespecting themselves.

One could argue that Weiner has disrespected his wife, Huma Abedin, but she doesn’t seem to be feeling disrespected enough to do anything about it.  In fact, after such repeated “disrespect” she happily stands by her man.  If she doesn’t have enough self-worth to respect herself, how can she honestly expect anyone else to respect her?

Now I’m definitely not someone who goes out of her way to defend Anthony Weiner; quite the contrary, actually. But Pelosi is wrong to play the victim card for women in this situation. When Anthony Weiner’s crotch shots are made public, we are all victims.