Cindy Adams has a Weiner scoop, we just have no idea what it isNew York Post gossiper Cindy Adams lands a scoop now and again. The only problem is trying to decipher her unintelligible columns secret code language to figure out what it is.

Last week Adams had a scoop “fraught with peril” that had something to do with the Obamas redecorating a White House dining room with hand-picked art. Monday, it’s an Anthony Weiner-related scoop:

Rumor. Only rumor. Because only his BVDs can say for sure — but could be might be possibly be — we’re hearing a rumor that Python Weiner actually aired It on the Very Day He Announced.

Best guess: This has something to do with more x-rated pictures (safe bet) Or the movie Python (2000) about a giant man-eating snake (less likely).

Any others?