What are the chances of repealing the nationally unpopular Obamacare health care law? According to Sen. Ted Cruz, the public support might be there, but Republicans in Washington these days lack the courage to actually do something about it:

“What I can tell you is there are a lot of Republicans in Washington who are scared. They’re scared of being beaten up politically,” Cruz (R-Texas) told Glenn Beck on TheBlaze radio show Monday. Simply put, if Americans want the law repealed, then Americans need to take action. “This is our last and best chance, I’m convinced, to stop it, which is why it all depends not on any politician, but on the American people rising up in a way we never seen before,” Cruz added. “That’s what’s got to happen.”


You can contact your senator by calling at Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and you can visit DontFundObamacare.com to sign the petition and tell Congress: Don’t Fund Obamcare!