You would think the environmental justice crowd in San Francisco would applaud residents for carpooling around town, saving gas and lowering emissions from car exhaust. But as it turns out, ridesharing commuters are facing stiff opposition, including multiple arrests at the San Francisco airport.

Saving the planet less important than saving taxi monopoly in San Francisco

(Image: Lyft via CNN)

In accordance with the state of California’s Public Utilities Commission, only certain licensed taxi cabs are allowed to operate at the airport and such innovative new ridesharing companies are being forced out of the market by government regulation:

MILLBRAE (CBS SF) — In the past month, San Francisco International Airport officials have been citing and arresting drivers from mobile-app enabled rideshare companies that pick up and drop off passengers, an airport spokesman said.

Airport spokesman Doug Yakel said there have been seven citizen arrests issued to “various offenders” since July 10.

The airport had issued cease and desist letters to several rideshare companies, including Lyft, Sidecar and Uber, in April.

Since then, Yakel said airport officials, in conjunction with airport police, had been “admonishing” drivers that came to the airport.

Yakel said the companies are not permitted to offer their services at SFO and they are now being arrested for unlawful trespassing.

The state Public Utilities Commission, which regulates and licenses passenger carriers, has been looking into how to regulate these new types of companies.