Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review, turns the cold water on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and the “defund” movement:

From his column in Politico:

[H]e is not going to defund Obamacare. As a legislative strategy, the defund effort is farfetched to the point of absurdity. The theory is that on the cusp of or after a government shutdown, pressure becomes so intense on Democrats that Reid buckles and passes a measure defunding Obamacare and Barack Obama signs it.

Let’s put aside for the moment that Democrats believe — probably rightly — that Republicans will be blamed for any shutdown. Why would a little downside political risk over a continuing resolution move them? We’re talking about a party that spent decades trying to pass something like Obamacare and a president who was perfectly content to lose his House majority over it.

So, no, some phone calls to Capitol Hill offices aren’t going to make Democrats dump their prized health care law.