Conservative author Michelle Malkin is one of the most articulate and well-versed opponents of federal education standards known as Common Core. In her column this week, she explains that it’s not always easy to stand up against Washington “educrats,” but it’s essential for parents concerned about the future of their children’s education:

As an outspoken critic of the federal academic standards scheme known as Common Core, I’d like to offer some friendly advice to opponents. Stop insulting. Stop digging. Stop projecting. Start listening.

Central planners in Washington have been caught off-guard by the grassroots revolt against the national standards/testing/curriculum juggernaut. Real input from the hoi polloi was never a part of the grand implementation process. So when parents and educators in dozens of states started challenging the privacy intrusions posed by and the constitutionality, cost, quality and validity of Common Core, its architects went on the attack.

And now, the education control freaks are freaking out.

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