Alternate headline: Sexual miscreant explores his artistic side.

Pervy President Bill Clinton turned classified documents into x rated cartoons

(Image: AP)

Via Mediaite:

In February, the Bush family’s personal emails were hacked by Guccifer, a hacker who uncovered photographs of former PresidentGeorge H. W. Bush in a hospital bed and George W. Bush’s oil paintings in the process. It seems Guccifer has struck again, this time targeting former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Library. The hacker has reportedly uncovered doodles of Clinton drawing on what were, at the time, classified documents. Among the doodles is apparently a picture of a penis.

The document uncovered is a briefing of the strategic measures the United States could take prior Clinton’s decision to intervene in the civil unrest associated with the collapse of Yugoslavia in the mid-1990s. The briefing is covered in sketches, including an American flag, a chef with a frying pan, and an erect phallus.

I’m not about to post the pictures.  If you’re that curious to see them, you can click here.