Fayetteville Observer Executive Editor Michael Adams is defending his paper’s decision to run a front page photo of two men kissing during a military wedding.

“Some people have questioned the particular photo we used with the story, which depicts the couple kissing under crossed sabers,” reads an editor’s note by Adams, posted online Monday. “To those, I respond that no photo tells the story more clearly.”

Maj. Daniel Toven and Johnathan Taylor were wedded Saturday. The Observer covered the military ceremony in its Sunday issue, accompanied by a front-page photo of the two men kissing under sabers.

“The kiss under the sabers is a staple picture from military weddings,” Adams’ note continues. “It would be hard to come up with an image that says more strongly that this is a military wedding of two men. It would have been impossible to take such a picture two years ago, first because any service member who valued his career could not openly admit his relationship, and second because no military chapel would have permitted the ceremony.”

See the photo that caused the controversy…

Newspaper defends same sex military wedding kiss front page photo

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