An unforgiving editorial from the New York Times, following New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s much-discussed press conference Thursday:

What makes Mr. Christie’s claim of victimhood hard to accept is his own history of vindictive behavior. For instance, a Rutgers professor lost financing for a project because he voted against the governor on a redistricting commission. A Republican colleague who had a disagreement with Mr. Christie was disinvited to an event in his own district. Mr. Christie has denied that he sent signals to his staff to punish anyone who crossed him. “I am who I am, but I am not a bully,” he said Thursday. But he has set a tone that makes abusive actions acceptable.

Mr. Christie has promised to cooperate with investigators — a vow he and his staff must honor. At this point, the governor has zero credibility. His office has abused its power, and only a full and conclusive investigation can restore public trust in his administration.