An unlikely defense of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) came over the weekend from New York Daily News Publisher Mort Zuckerman.

“I did think that in the presentation that he made, in the press conference that he made, I thought he came across very well given what he had to say,” Zuckerman said on “The McLaughlin Group,” a political talk show. “It was the best he could do. I still think this is not the end of Gov. Christie because he’s a man of enormous talent, I have to say. I worked with him on another matter and I thought he was just fabulous and very direct and very open.”

Zuckerman’s defense of Christie comes after the Daily News ran an editorial Friday slamming the governor’s press conference from the previous day as “self-serving” and “self-pitying.” The cover of Friday’s issue featured an unflattering photo of Christie, accompanied by the blaring headline, “Pathetic.”

Christie said during his press conference last week that he fired a top aide for allegedly closing down a New Jersey bridge to exact revenge on a local Democratic mayor who did not endorse Christie in his reelection campaign. Christie denies that he had any part in the scandal.

h/t BuzzFeed