It seemed during the tail end of 2012 it was every other week that an on-air talent at MSNBC was getting in trouble for saying something offensive in public.

Why arent the MSNBC hosts learning from each others mistakes?

Martin Bashir (Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin fired for using an anti-gay slur. Martin Bashir fired for saying something gross about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Melissa Harris-Perry delivered a choked-up apology for a segment on her show that mocked Mitt Romney having an adopted black grandson.

Why did it keep happening?

MSNBC President Phil Griffin told Jon Friedman in the New York Post recently that his operation “took the appropriate actions” in each case.

In most work places, when someone runs afoul, “appropriate actions” are taken to make an example out of the offender. Everyone else falls in line.

Why isn’t that happening at MSNBC?