From a Washington Times report on the revolving door between the news industry and the Obama administration:

“There are fewer journalism jobs and they don’t pay as well,” said Bryce Nelson, a journalism professor at the University of Southern California whose resume includes working as a Washington correspondent for The Los Angeles Times.

But there’s another upside beyond financial considerations, he added.

“People take these government jobs not only because there is more stability and more money, but they can increase their power and influence in journalism,” he said.

Mr. Nelson pointed to Bill Moyers, the former aide to President Johnson who went on to become publisher of Newsday. A more recent example is George Stephanopoulos, who was communications director in the Clinton administration and now works as chief political correspondent at ABC News.

The Times estimates that at least 23 journalists have worked or are continuing to work in the Obama administration. Most visible of them all: former Time magazine reporter Jay Carney, now White House press secretary.