We all know Glenn Beck is a fan of fiction, and he’s recently discovered a new favorite, the “Divergent” trilogy by a young author named Vanessa Roth. During a recent radio program, Glenn endorsed the series, which some have described as a “dystopian thrill ride,” arguing that the world that Roth paints is colored in libertarian shades. Discussing her philosophy, Glenn said:

“…she has the new philosophy, which is not the Republican philosophy.  It is the freedom philosophy, the — she’s got it down.  When you get to the — when you get to the third book, if this girl doesn’t know about the progressive era, she needs to know about the progressive era because she’s talking about it.”

Pat and Stu on the other hand believe that Roth is decidedly not a libertarian, in spite of the style and substance of her bestselling series.

Check out a clip from the entertaining segment below.