Sure Congress members are democratically elected representatives of the people, but MSNBC host Alex Wagner thinks it’s not representative enough.  Wagner’s words were highlighted on the network’s tumblr website this week:

MSNBC: Maybe its time for gender quotas in Congress

H/T Caleb Howe who adds:

There are many, many really dumb Lean Forward ads from MSNBC. So many that I often wonder if some Republican advertising firm just straight up duped the network and are sitting in their offices laughing their asses off. But this one has to be one of the worst.

Congress, MSNBC, isn’t about parity. It’s about representation. And that representation isn’t determined by demographic percentages, much as you would prefer it. It’s determined by the represented. That’s kind of a founding principle of our entire system of government so, you know, sort of a big deal.