Recall that last week President Obama had lunch with six young people, all but one of which were outright supporters of Obamacare. The point of the lunch was to discuss ways to get young, healthy people to sign up for health insurance through

Pop radio DJ who lunched with president: Obama just wants young people to know about Obamacare, whatever

AP Photo/Susan Walsh 

Here’s how Washington, D.C., pop radio DJ Tommy McFly interpreted his role at the lunch, as he said it on his show last week (emphasis added):

“What was interesting, [Obama] just said, you know, they want people who are younger just to know that it’s there. That is there. Go to it, check it out. If you like it, great. Whatever. You know, he just wants the message to be out there. Which I think is admirable because he could have been like: Here’s five ways to talk about it. But he didn’t.

That sounds really chill of the President. Indifferent, almost.

Though, in reality, young people without insurance who decide “whatever” after checking out the website and don’t sign up for a policy– they’ll face a penalty of up to $95.

Also, the law depends on young, healthy people to sign up for policies as a way to subsidize older, less healthier people.

We’ve requested comment from McFly on whether Obama actually sounded that unconcerned.