‘We didn’t talk penalties’: pop radio DJ explains president’s lunchtime Obamacare comments

Washington, D.C.-based pop radio DJ Tommy McFly eventually got back to us about his lunchtime meeting with President Obama where they discussed increasing awareness of Obamacare among young people.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

McFly, along with five other 20-somethings, met with Obama last week. Afterward, McFly said on his radio show of his talks with Obama:

What was interesting, [Obama] just said, you know, they want people who are younger just to know that it’s there. That Healthcare.gov is there. Go to it, check it out. If you like it, great. Whatever. You know, he just wants the message to be out there. Which I think is admirable because he could have been like: Here’s five ways to talk about it. But he didn’t. [audio here]

We asked McFly if Obama was really so indifferent, given that Americans, including young ones, will be penalized for not being insured. And that the law depends on them having policies in order for it to work.

“No I don’t think the president sounded indifferent at all,” McFly told TheBlaze Blog in an email Wednesday. “The lunch was casual. His tone was not.”

He added that penalties built into the law were not discussed at the lunch. “I’m not sure anyone wants to know what ‘pop Radio DJs’ think about health care penalties,” McFly said.